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Get yourself a Free DSi console

You can get your hands on a Free DSi by following the three steps outlined above.
For more information on how to get your Free Nintendo DSi please keep reading.

How it works

These sites are based around Affiliate marketing.
Companies pay the site £20 for each person that signs up to their offer being advertised.
If you want a Free DSi, then you will need to refer 8 people to sign up and complete one of the offers.
So if a DSi is 8 referrals then that will be 8 x £20 = £160
You also have to complete your own offer which will add another £20 to that making the total money the site gets £180. This pays for the DSi which will retails at about £150 and leaves the site with enough money left over to make a profit.

Choose a gift

Free DSi
Free Wii


Below are some videos and some images of the gifts I have personally received from this site.
I have received almost £3000 worth of goods from this.

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